Best Dunedin Fitness Center for Seniors offers individual physical training for seniors

Fit To A T is a Downtown Dunedin Fitness Center for Seniors that provides individualized training for seniors.  Certified trainers work with you to create an individualized program to help you maintain your strength, agility and independence. They know how to reduce pain, strengthen muscles and enhance your range of motion and movement. 

We start by identifying your strengths and weaknesses and design a program that will help you with your posture so that you can maximize the benefits of your workout.  Fit To A T Center, open six days a week, is located at 1059 Broadway b, Dunedin, FL 34698.  

Customized programs are provided at our Dunedin Fitness Center for Seniors

At Fit To A T Center, we often recommend drills, exercises, and stretches, keeping in mind your rehabilitation status and the fact that there’s no “one size fits all” approach to training .  For instance, some exercises are excellent for people recovering from back surgery, but others are not. Toe touches from a standing position can put too much stress on ligaments, spinal discs and muscles in your lower back.

Another example: If you need to rehab your shoulder, we might recommend the overhead press, which will add strength and stability to your arms and upper back and increase your shoulder’s flexibility.  “Lifting your arms overhead requires a lot of strength and coordination from your arms, shoulder and back,” said “The overhead press is probably the most demanding exercise an older adult can do with their arms.”

We can show you how to strengthen your upper arms with bicep curls and the overhead elbow extension, which will help you reach items over your head.  

In working with seniors, we know the importance of restoring the power and endurance of muscles. This is especially vital when working with the core muscles, which support the spine and the pelvis, key to your mobility.

Best Fitness Center for Seniors in Dunedin, FL

We strive to make your visits to Fit To A T Center as pleasant and productive as possible.  Consider us part of your team, eager to help you regain your health, strength, mobility and confidence.

Please call or stop in. We require no contracts; we offer a variety of single-visit and multi-class option for you to consider.  In addition to classes, we provide one-on-one training that is designed to help you reach your goals, taking into account your pain patterns and movement patterns.

Call Fit To A T Center: (727) 755-3485


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