The Mental Health Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer

mental health-benefits-of-working-out

How can your mental health improve by working out with a personal trainer? People who suffer from any type of mental health issue, such as clinical depression or anxiety, can have difficulties on their fitness journey. They often feel stressed about engaging in a physical activity of any kind, but especially one involving groups of […]

What Women Should Look for in a Personal Trainer


What to look for in your personal trainer Holistic fitness trainers don’t care if you’re a man or woman. Their primary focus is all about a person’s fitness goals and how they can be achieved. That being said, training is often different between the sexes for obvious and perhaps not-so-obvious reasons. if you’re planning to hire a […]

Looking to Put on Muscle? Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong


If you’re attempting to build muscle but are struggling, here are a few tips for you. Increasing muscle mass is a daily goal for millions of people, but so many of them have no idea how to do it properly. In fact, if you’ve been having difficulty building up muscle, there’s a good chance that you’re simply doing […]