Is it Better to Stretch Before or After a Workout?


Expert Insights from Dunedin Fitness and Movement One of the common debates in the fitness world revolves around the timing of stretching—should it be done before or after a workout? Dunedin Fitness and Movement, led by our holistic personal trainers, is here to shed light on this question and provide you with the right approach […]

How to Work Out with a Hand Injury


Having issues with a hand injury? Here are a few exercises to help your hand recover. Injuring your hand makes many daily activities a lot harder to perform. It also means that you’ll have a more difficult time working out with a hand injury. The good news is that it’s definitely possible to work out […]

The Best Lower Back Injury Workouts


Four Exercises for a Lower Back Injury Workout Anyone who has experienced a lower back injury knows just how painful it can be. Depending on the severity, there may be days when you don’t even want to get out of bed, let alone start a workout. It’s important that you don’t sit around and avoid […]

Upper Body Workout with a Rotator Cuff Injury


How do you work out your upper body while rehabbing a rotator cuff injury? Rotator cuff injuries usually start with a small pain in your shoulder that gets worse with each passing day. Before you know it, even simple activities where you need to raise your arm above shoulder level, such as brushing your hair, come with […]

Effective Low-Impact Exercises in Personal Training


Low-Impact Exercises Don’t Mean Low Quality Many people believe that “low-impact exercises” aren’t beneficial. They hear the term low impact, and all they can think of is “low quality.” This simply isn’t true. In fact, many low-impact exercises are a wonderful way to get into shape, lose weight, and achieve your other fitness goals. Personal […]

Upper Body Workout with a Shoulder Injury: What to Focus On


Implementing an Upper Body Workout with a Shoulder Injury Shoulder injuries are very common. In fact, most people reading this have probably experienced some type of injury to their shoulder, even if it was nothing more than a bit of stiffness or soreness. Even minor shoulder pain will prevent some people from being able to lift […]

Tips for a Lower Body Workout with a Foot Injury


A few workouts you can do when you have a foot or ankle injury. Foot injuries are very common. Unfortunately, when someone suffers from a foot injury, they can have a lot of trouble getting around. They may even find it difficult to put any portion of their body weight on the injured foot at all. This […]

Exercises for a Torn Calf Muscle


What are some recommended exercises you can do with a torn calf muscle? Your calf muscle is located just behind your shin bone. Like other muscles, a tear or rupture may occur if you haven’t properly conditioned yourself prior to intense physical activity. It’s also common in people over the age of 40 with weakened calf muscles and for […]

What Exercises Can I Do With a Torn Bicep Tendon?


How can you exercise with an injured bicep tendon? Our biceps are the primary muscles that many people focus on when working out. Most people do so for strength, although it’s true that the bicep acts as a kind of vanity muscle for quite a few workout enthusiasts. Like other muscles, it’s possible that you may tear […]

A Few Tips for Pre-Workout Nutrition


Getting ready to work out? Here are a few pre workout tips. Everyone wants to work out and get into shape, but when you’re first starting out, it’s sometimes hard to understand that nutrition is one of the most important parts of the formula. Sure, maybe you can ignore nutrition in the beginning and get […]