Benefits of Working with a Holistic Health Coach

Holistic health coaching has been gaining popularity in recent years because it utilizes a “whole person” philosophy, meaning that it focuses on physical and emotional health, in addition to spiritual and social needs.

Working with a holistic health coach and personal trainer is the perfect way to focus on your particular goals and reach them in a shorter amount of time. Here are just some of the amazing benefits that you’ll receive by working with one of these amazing coaches:

Working with a Trained Professional

First off, you’re working with a trained, certified health professional. This is much better than trying to go it alone or spending your time watching YouTube videos all day hoping to glean the appropriate information. This trained professional will be well-versed in physical health, which will give you a wonderful resource for information and can help you see progress quickly.

“Big Picture” Health

When it comes to reaching health and wellness goals, a big part of it involves the details of working out, healthy eating, and an overall healthy lifestyle. However, it’s important you begin by looking at the “big picture.” This is something that health and wellness coaching thrives on. A holistic coach will provide you with an overview of your current health status and where you want to be, and then help you set realistic goals you can achieve.

Focused Diet Plan

Even with all of the dieting knowledge available out there, people continue to get bad advice from discussion groups, friends, family members, and other resources. These people may mean well, but it’s likely that they’ve never gone through adequate nutrition education. Holistic personal trainers, on the other hand, focus heavily on nutrition. They can help you incorporate healthy habits as a way to lose weight and get into better shape.

Open Communication

Just like life coaching, open communication plays a pertinent role when working with a holistic coach. Holistic personal trainers believe in engaging their clients in back-and-forth conversation to learn everything about the person’s current state of well-being and where they’d like to be in the future. The best part of this open communication policy is that you’re actually being listened to and taken seriously. A novel concept, right?

How to Find the Best Holistic Health Coach 

Now that you understand the benefits of working with a holistic health coach and personal trainer, it’s time to find one that’s reputable and reliable. These coaches are quite accessible, so here are the best ways to find out what they’re all about:

Read Online Reviews

In today’s internet age, you can find online reviews about practically anything and anyone. A lot of people go to Yelp, which is a very popular review site, but you can also head to Google or another search engine and simply type in the coach’s name and the word “review.” This should give you more than enough hits so that you can have a good idea of how people feel about the coach and/or facility.

Check Social Media

Social media is another wonderful tool when trying to find information out about a holistic personal trainer. There’s a very good chance that a holistic coach will have at least one or two active social media accounts that they use to interact with clients. Checking out their posts will often give a good indication as to their overall personality and attitude.

Have a Quick Chat

It never hurts to have a quick chat with a coach that you’ve been looking into. How you have this chat depends on accessibility. You may be able to connect through their website or possibly one of their social media platforms. However, they may be inundated with messages, so if in doubt, set up an appointment for either a live online chat or an in-person discussion.

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