Improve your whole body with Functional Movement Personal Training

Here’s a great way to improve your coordination, flexibility, balance and strength.

Come to Fit To A T Fitness Center in downtown Dunedin and discover Functional Movement Personal Training, a low-impact system to improve your physical abilities without stressing your body and joints.

The certified trainers at Fit To A T Fitness Center offer individual training and classes in functional movement training. This system strengthens your core and helps you move more freely, whether you are an athlete training for a big event or a senior citizen striving to remain independent and flexible.

Functional Movement Personal Training combines pushups, body squats, lunges, kettle bell swings, yoga and other activities to build core muscles in the abdomen and back and enhance muscle tone. The exercises are tailored to the individual, making them ideal for anyone, no matter their current fitness.

Fit To A T Center, open six days a week, is located at 1059 Broadway b, Dunedin, FL 34698.  

Making your life better with Personal Training in Dunedin FL

Unlike weight training, for example, functional movement training imitates common movements at home or at work. This lessens the chance of injury or strain, yet it strengthens both muscles and ligaments.

Rather than focusing on one set of muscles, functional movement training challenges several muscle groups, which requires the full body to be involved. This builds balance and coordination, lessens the chance of injury and develops lean muscle mass.

Each exercise is relevant to what your activities outside the gym. Lunges will help you walk stairs at work. Squats will help you sit and stand. Yoga is excellent for strengthening flexibility and posture.

The philosophy of Functional Movement Personal Training calls for exercises that are natural and apply to your daily life.

You can see for yourself how your natural movement and general mobility and balance improve after you participate in the multidimensional activities.

We offer a Functional Movement Personal Screening, which identifies your weaknesses, strength and general fitness level. This screen helps you correct muscle imbalance and improve your health.

Classes and Personal Training Sessions in Dunedin FL

Fit To A T offers classes and training.  You can choose from a menu of multi-class and single-visit options, all at affordable prices. The selections include individual and group personal training as well as a variety of classes.

Please stop in or call our Downtown Dunedin Fitness Center:  (727) 755-3485


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