Personal Training for Injury Rehab in Dunedin, FL

Fit To A T is a Downtown Dunedin Fitness Center for Seniors that provides individualized Personal Training for Injury Rehab.   

When injured, any person has to go through the process of rehabilitation and gain back strength. If someone is used to a highly active lifestyle, naturally they want to feel 100% again and resume their daily routine. Of course they want it immediately.  However, common sense has to tell them this could “take a minute.” Either that or their body will.

Let’s all find some mutual understanding of some events that could cause injury. Intuitively most can collect a list of ideas in their mind but let’s be on the same page to be sure.  Below are some examples of typical ways that injuries occur. These injuries can be helped by getting some much-needed injury therapy. We at
Fit to A  T put the icing on the cake with an individualized plan precisely designed for each situation. 

Customized Injury Rehab Programs are provided at our Dunedin Fitness Center

At Fit To A T Center, we often recommend drills, exercises, and stretches, keeping in mind your rehabilitation status and the fact that there’s no “one size fits all” approach to training.  

Here are some typical examples of how people acquire injuries:
Injury obtained while participating in an athletic activity
A spill or fall off of a ladder
Injuries from a fender bender or crash in a moving vehicle
Working a tendon too much and tendentious develops
Knee Injuries
Twisting an ankle
Breaking tendons
Breaking bones

You get the idea. Someone you know has had one of these events. Today, perhaps you find yourself  injured.  If so, know  you are not alone and are in the right place.   When moving parts on your body don’t want to move with you,  you are probably going to be in pain and it will be a process getting you back to where you started. Keep your attitude positive. Many times, folks can end up even stronger than before they had the “event” and acquired the injury.

So we at Fit to A T are here to get you where you want to be. First, we will take as much time as needed to learn about your personal medical situation and your lifestyle.

At Fit to A  T, everything we do is personalized to you.  We can put you back in the driver’s seat of your life. 

Our  motto is to “make your health strong and smart.”

Best Fitness Center for Injury rehab in Dunedin, FL

We strive to make your visits to Fit To A T Center as pleasant and productive as possible. 

We take a multiple pronged approach to your overall health.  Think of the health of your overall  mind, body, and spirit.  This is especially important when recovering from an injury.  Suffering through the steps that it takes to get healed can be stressful and painful. So, instead of just “hitting the gym,” we take a holistic approach from the start.

At Fit to A T there are numerous services that are offered.  We will design a plan just for you.  Then we will be your coach and champion running right beside you cheering you on every step of the way.

Nutrition is also an important aspect to that renewal and growth.  We will also provide you with an individually tailored nutrition plan.

That is why we are here.  We hope you feel better because you have options.
Call us today, we would love to meet you and get rid of that nasty injury.

To life!


Fit To A  T
1059 Broadway B
Dunedin, FL 34698
PHONE: (727) 755-3485


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