How can a personal trainer help rehab a shoulder injury?

Many people turn to a physical therapist when they’ve hurt themselves, but a holistic fitness trainer also knows how to rehab a shoulder injury and will help you get back to your normal self again. Today, we’re going to take a look at a few signs that your shoulder injury needs rehab, how a personal trainer can help, and what he or she will do to get you back on track.

Signs That Your Shoulder Injury Needs Rehabilitation

From sprains and strains to torn rotator cuffs and tendinitis, there are many shoulder injuries that require rehab.

Here are a few signs that you need treatment:

How a Personal Trainer Assists You with Rehabilitation

A personal trainer understands how to rehab a shoulder injury in an efficient manner.

Here are just a few ways that they’ll assist you:

Supervises Rehab

Personal trainers deal with all types of injuries every single day. They are often instrumental in physical rehabilitation and know exactly how you should proceed. A personal trainer will supervise your rehabilitation and track your progress to make sure that you’re doing everything that needs to be done while also ensuring that you’re not overdoing it.

Follows Doctor Notes

Whenever a doctor is involved, a personal trainer becomes part of a team whose goal is to fix whatever ails you. If you come to them with instructions from your doctor, the personal trainer will follow the notes to the letter. As you progress and stay in touch with your physician, they can adjust your workouts accordingly.

Prevents Re-Injury

People in need of physical rehab have a tendency to push themselves in ways they shouldn’t. In many situations, this can cause someone to re-injure themselves, putting them right back where they started. A personal trainer will help you take steps that will prevent you from hurting your shoulder again.

Understands Nutrition

Although physical activity is obviously a huge part of personal training, that’s not the only thing. A personal trainer understands how nutrition can be properly used to assist with rehab from an injury. He or she will help you come up with not only a workout plan but also a nutrition plan to assist you with repairing your injury.

Exercises That the Personal Trainer Will Focus On

There are a variety of shoulder exercises available, but not all should be attempted during rehab. A personal trainer will focus on these particular activities:

Strength training exercises

Strength training is a huge component of any type of physical injury, but you never want to take it too far. A personal trainer understands just how much upper body exercise you should be getting and how much you should focus on other strength training needs, such as your core and legs. This will help you build up your muscles the right way so that you can get over your injury more easily.

Cardiovascular workouts

As you go through your shoulder injury rehabilitation, you’ll also need to build up your heart rate and stamina. Your physical trainer will add plenty of cardiovascular workouts to your regimen, whether it’s walking, running, cycling, etc. Most people suffering from a shoulder injury won’t have too many mobility limitations, so you’ll have plenty of exercises to choose from.

Flexibility training exercises

Improving flexibility is another key component of shoulder injury rehab. As you progress through your rehabilitation to repair your shoulder, you’ll need flexibility to reduce soreness and stiffness. This also helps you move your joints more freely and avoid injuries. A personal trainer will take you through several different stretching and flexibility exercises to make this happen.

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