What to look for in your personal trainer

Holistic fitness trainers don’t care if you’re a man or woman. Their primary focus is all about a person’s fitness goals and how they can be achieved. That being said, training is often different between the sexes for obvious and perhaps not-so-obvious reasons. if you’re planning to hire a personal trainer for women’s fitness, there are a few attributes you should look for.

Experience with Women

Whether you prefer male or female trainers during a workout, you need to find someone who has experience working with female clients. We’ll cover a few different reasons for this below, but the basic idea here is that women must be approached differently when dealing with workouts, nutrition, etc. The more experience a trainer has working with female clients, the more effective each workout will be.

Understands Differences

The truth is that male and female bodies are very different. The same is true with our minds, emotions, etc. Body composition often changes how a personal trainer tackles things like strength and conditioning, weight and fat loss, and even their overall attitude. Understanding these differences and using them to their full advantage, a good trainer will gain trust and be more effective in helping clients achieve their goals.

Appropriate Certification

There are multiple forms of certification that are available to personal trainers and fitness specialists. A trainer may have certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the Fitness Association of America, or perhaps a more local entity. What you want to look for is someone who’s certified as a fitness instructor and nutrition health coach to ensure an all-encompassing experience. They should also be willing to provide you with proof of such certification at your request.

Trains the Whole Person

Reaching your fitness and health goals can be done by micromanaging your particular needs, but a trainer needs to start with a whole-person approach. A good trainer will understand a woman’s particular life requirements, such as picking up kids from school, running their own business, furthering their education, etc. It’s also important that a trainer understand a woman’s past experiences, relationship with food, sleeping patterns, stress levels, and other details that relate to their health.

Empathetic to Body Issues

Both men and women can have severe body issues, but it’s often the women who are the most affected. A great personal trainer for women’s fitness will be empathetic to these body issues, whether that trainer is a man or woman. This will allow them to focus their efforts on the woman’s specific needs and dictate how hard or fast to push for goals and advancements. They’ll also be encouraging throughout the process.

Identifies Emotional Eating

When people think about the role of a personal trainer, they often concentrate on the physical aspects of each session. But a trainer must integrate nutrition into a person’s goals as well. Although emotional eating can happen with men, it’s a lot more common with women. Understanding this and tackling the problem through both exercise and nutrition will do wonders to help curtail this dangerous, unhealthy activity.

Professional and Respectful

In the past several years, we’ve seen a lot of stuff in the news about the importance of professionalism and respect shown to women in certain situations. Since exercising is a physical activity, it’s imperative that you find a trainer who respects personal boundaries and makes women feel comfortable. The good news is that today’s trainers are very aware of these facts and will happily have a discussion with you prior to training if needed.

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