Four Exercises for a Lower Back Injury Workout

Anyone who has experienced a lower back injury knows just how painful it can be. Depending on the severity, there may be days when you don’t even want to get out of bed, let alone start a workout.

It’s important that you don’t sit around and avoid activity, however, because that can actually make the injury worse. We’re going to help you get started by giving you four exercises that you can add to a lower back injury workout:


If you experience weakness in your gluteus muscles, you may experience more back pain. You can strengthen your gluteus muscles by doing bridges.

For this exercise, lie on the ground, feet flat and hip-width apart. With your hands at your sides and shoulders against the floor, press your feet down and slowly lift your buttocks until your body is in a straight line. Perform three sets of 15 reps, with a one-minute resting period between them.

Drawing-In Maneuver

Another way that you can support your lower back is by focusing on your transverse abdominis. This can be done with a drawing-in maneuver. Start in the same way as you did the bridge: on the ground, feet flat and hip-width apart.

Place your hands on your sides. Take a deep breath. As you exhale, pull your belly button toward your spine and engage your abdominal muscles.

Do not tilt your hips. Hold the position for five seconds and perform five reps.

Lying Lateral Leg Raises

When your hip abductor muscles have weakened, you may experience problems with your balance and mobility, in addition to lower back pain. Lying lateral leg raises are effective in strengthening these muscles. Begin this exercise by lying on one side with your lower leg slightly bent against the floor.

Pull your belly button toward your spine to engage your core. Then, raise your top leg, being sure not to move any other part of your body. Hold for just two seconds and do 10 repetitions. Perform this exercise three times on each side.

Partial Curls

The last lower back injury workout exercise on our list focuses on your rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis. Partial curls help support the spine and maintain proper hip alignment, both of which can relieve lower back pain. To perform this exercise, lie on your back with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent.

Next, cross your hands over your chest. Once you’re in this position, take a deep breath. As you exhale, pull your belly button in toward your spine. Then, slowly lift your shoulders up a few inches. To avoid pulling up your neck, try to keep it in line with your spine.

Finally, move back to the starting position. Perform three sets and 10 reps.

Tips for a Healthy Lower Back Injury Workout

A lower back injury workout is a great way to prevent your injury from getting worse. Here are a few simple tips that you should follow when concentrating on exercises for lower back pain:

Consult a Holistic Trainer

Working out is always better with a holistic personal trainer. A trainer will have a lot of experience working with people who have been injured. They’ll understand which exercises are best for your particular injury and which exercises to avoid. A personal trainer will also keep track of your progress to make sure that you’re not overdoing it.

Don’t Advance Too Quickly

Speaking of overdoing it, we can’t stress enough how imperative it is for you to treat a lower back injury with kid gloves. In other words, you certainly don’t want to make the injury worse. Therefore, you need to start out slowly and advance at a reasonable pace. Even if you’re disappointed that you’re working out at a fraction of what you were before, it’s still best not to advance too quickly.

Pay Attention to Your Body

Too many people begin a lower back injury workout without paying attention to what their body is telling them. If your back is sore after a workout or especially during one, then it’s advisable that you back off a bit. This is where a good personal trainer comes in. They’ll talk to you every day about how you’re feeling and then adjust your workout accordingly.

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