Is a Personal Trainer Worth It?

If you’ve ever thought of getting a personal trainer, this is probably one of the first questions you’re asking yourself. After all, you see athletes and celebrities with amazing physiques, and you know they’re all using a personal trainer. But is the additional price worth it?

To help you arrive at your answer, take a look at these benefits of hiring a holistic personal trainer:

Establishes a consistent routine

One of the hardest things about starting a workout regimen is creating some type of regular routine. Very often, the first thing that a newbie will notice is that the personal trainer is basically developing the routine for them. On each workout day with a trainer, the person will know where to go and more or less what will be expected of them. This routine makes working out a whole lot easier.

Customizable Workouts

Even though many people have similar goals when they work out, such as losing weight or gaining muscle, each person’s body is often different. A workout that you find online might not work with your body as well as you think it will. Personal trainers can identify your body type and will ask you a series of questions to develop a customized workout for you. They’ll then monitor your progress and tweak the workout as needed.

Focus on Realistic Goals

Many people are so gung-ho about losing weight that they have lofty goals like losing 5-10 pounds per week. A personal trainer will make it clear that this is neither realistic nor healthy. If you work out hard and starve yourself to reach a higher weight loss, you’ll lose a lot of water weight and then gain it right back. The proper goal is to slim down by only 1-2 pounds per week to stay healthy and keep the weight off.

Constant Motivation

If you’ve ever worked out before, then we’re sure you’ll agree that staying motivated is one of the most difficult components. This is a huge part of a personal trainer’s role. After setting realistic fitness goals, they’ll push you along to reach those goals. Depending on how you ask them to dictate each workout session, they’ll help you push yourself beyond your comfort zone and get you to levels that you didn’t think would be possible.

Holds You Accountable

Personal trainers aren’t there to babysit you, but they will absolutely take you to task as needed. They’ll hold you accountable for showing up to workout sessions on a regular basis, pushing yourself during each session, and achieving certain goals. They’ll keep track of your progress so that you’ll know where you stand and can change your current workouts or frequency as needed.

Helps Prevent Injuries

If you don’t know what you’re doing and try to push yourself too hard or perform exercises incorrectly, you can injure yourself. This may take you out of commission for days or perhaps weeks. A personal trainer will know when a certain weight or exercise is currently too much for you. Plus, they’ll ensure that you’re using the proper form, which is the best way to prevent injuries.

Fixes Muscle Imbalances

A muscle imbalance basically means that you’re performing exercises that cause one muscle to grow at a more rapid rate when compared to another muscle. For example, you may be doing exercises that make your biceps much stronger than your triceps, which can keep you from reaching your full potential. A personal trainer will help you fix these imbalances.

Helps You Save Money

When you don’t work out properly, you simply won’t get the right results. This could cause injuries that lead to doctor bills and, in severe cases, hospital stays. You might also be wasting money on vitamins, supplements, and diet plans you simply don’t need. Depending on your individual circumstances, a personal trainer can help you save money on some or all of these things.

Is a Personal Trainer “Worth It?”

As you can probably see, we’d say that the answer is a resounding yes. While you can expect to pay more for a personal trainer than attending a gym and doing everything on your own, it’s definitely more than worth it. You’ll have someone by your side who can help create a customized workout plan that’s both effective and healthy.

This person will also help you stay motivated and accountable so that you’re always on task. It’s simply the best way to get the most effective workouts and reach your fitness goals.

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